3 tips for journaling

3 tips for journaling


Do you ever feel stuck in your journal writing? I know I do sometimes. Here are some helpful tips for beating the “I don’t know what to write about” blues.

1. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write about anything that comes to you. Just begin. Anywhere. Put pen to paper and write as fast as you can without interruption. Having a limited amount of time to write tends to free us up by silencing our inner critic or censor. There’s simply no time to think about what to write and how to write it. Instead, we write whatever bubbles up to the surface, which, when we don’t censor ourselves, is often subconscious material that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access. Essentially, we’ve written so fast that we’ve outsmarted the critic or censor!

2. It can be handy to have a list of prompts in your journal, springboards that take the form of a question, like “What’s going on?”, or a statement, like “If I knew I could not fail…”. Keep this list handy, and when you don’t know what to write about, simply pick a topic from your list. The springboard or prompt “What’s going on?” is one that you can always return to. It is a question that is always relevant since life is constantly changing. It is a question that connects you with the present moment, with your body, with your feelings. You can write about what’s going on around you or inside you. You can write about where you are in the movement of your life.  

Prompt: Write for 5 minutes on the topic: What’s going on?

3. Splurge on a beautiful journal, or consider using an online program, such as LifeJournal. Notice whether the pen you’re writing with feels right. Consider taking your journal outside and be inspired by nature or people. Whether you choose to write on paper or on the computer, on pages with wide lines, narrow lines, or no lines at all, with a pen, pencil, or how about a colored pencil or marker? – there are no wrong answers. It’s whatever feels right to you. And sometimes mixing it up can inspire you! So do whatever makes you feel like writing.


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